Meet our lead Illustrator! 

Meet 10 year old lead illustrator of all Jalibib Mu'minun & Co. books! Maryam Emani has grown her craft a great deal over the past year, bringing each story in our series to life! She has always exuded creativity to the utmost degree! Maryam is excited to share her craft with the world. A 10 year old published illustrator? You can't tell me muslimahs don't have it going on! 


Meet our author!

Our Author, is 26 year old Kierra Shamere. Kierra has always gravitated toward reading and writing, as a source of adventure and therapy. Like her sister and illustrator, Maryam, Kierra began sharing her craft in 3rd grade with a book series, "Corey from Outer Space". Although the book was never published, Kierra's teachers were so impressed with Corey's on going adventures, that she was asked to read them during story times! Since then, Kierra knew that she was meant to create stories and express creativity through words. 

We are blessed to have been inspired to bring forth such meaningful stories, for you all. It is our hope, that these stories and those to come, will represent our millions of sisters in faith, as well as open up the minds of those who are not familiar with all the beauty that is a Jalibib Mu'mineena (Woman/girl of the Islamic faith, who wears the hijab).