Mu'minun Island is all Azadeh has ever known. Although her time on the island has been full of happiness, when she learnes of Glitter Island--and island almost completely opposite her own--she is overcome with curiosity. But when she gets there, she learns that everything that glitters, isn't home.


Azadeh's story, is an example for all ages to take notice of. It is not rare for us to struggle with our faith at some point in our lives. In a world full of seemingly desirable things, sometimes we may wonder if we are exactly where we belong. We may wander off from the course made perfect for us. Many times though, our wandering astray is simply apart of the course! The beautiful part of Islam, is that we submit to the Most Merciful and forgiving One there is. And just like Azadeh, we can always come back home.

Mu'minun Island

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