During my adolescence, my father established the tradition of reading a Juz, or section of the Quran, every evening after dinner. We would take nightly turns as the reader, and when finished we would discuss, reflect, and research questions we came across as a family. Each month, we’d start over, and each month we’d find new gems! This tradition, allowed me to grow closer to my understanding of our beautiful deen, as well as help others who had questions on Islam, later on as I journeyed through life, meeting new people. 


In the Quran, Allah advises us to “read and reflect”. It is our hope, that others will be able to find this simple journal, as an aid when reading the Holy book, to reflect and remember the signs, messages, and instructions found in each Juz. InshaAllah!

Reflections of Reflection: One day at a time (a journal)

  • Size: 5×8 in, 13×20 cm

    Pages: 64

    • Isbn
      • Softcover: 9781714343751
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